Manufacturing execution software that works for you.

Customized to your needs, driven by your processes, and built for data analysis.

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Set custom workflows and monitor progress.

Customize workflows to resemble your production processes, then watch FactoryFour tell the relevant people, software, and machines what to do next.

Production Visibility

Satisfy your customers with a seamless order experience.

Customers and internal reps are greeted with a unique order experience tailored to your products and processes. Add your own text, images, instant quote calculators, and more.

Order Management

Catch production errors in real‑time.

FactoryFour empowers floor managers to enforce quality compliance and pinpoint mistakes during production, not after.

Quality Control
Arnold Packaging
Arnold Packaging used FactoryFour to transform their business with real‑time production visibility.

“ FactoryFour is the only solution
that allows me to get deep visibility
on my unique processes.
“ FactoryFour is the only solution that allows me to get deep visibility on my unique processes.
Mick Arnold
Founder & CEO | Arnold Packaging

Get the full story from quote to ship.

FactoryFour is the single source of truth for every order you produce. See how your existing processes influence P&L from quarter to quarter, so you can double down on what’s working and fix what’s not.

Assets & Inventory

Build seamless integrations to connect your whole business.

Our rapid tech infrastructure allows us to quickly connect with any application on your production floor. Easily configure integrations with Epicor, Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more.

Feature Overview

Boost your predictability, productivity, and profit.

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