Automate your manufacturing processes with ease.

The world’s top performing manufacturers use Workflow to automate their business processes, reducing 30% in lead time per product and eliminating more than 90% of errors.

Head of Operations

Continuously capture performance metrics across your enterprise, and be alerted to any operational failures immediately.

Quality & Compliance Managers

Workflow provides you with medical-grade security and privacy right out of the box. We will work with you to easily bring your company's security and quality compliance to industry standards.

Product Technicians

Drive efficiency up through constant visualization of the order while significantly reducing error through automation processes.

Achieve seamless connectivity

Manufacturers have a hard time connecting people, machines, and data. By using Workflow, connect all using a single application to capture enterprise-wide metrics, reduce error, and ensure security and compliance.


The automated manufacturing management platform.

Easily Automate Workflows

Create Rules that automate workflows throughout your business. Automatically notify personnel, push data to other systems, and more.

Targeted Communication

Set up automated rules that target and send communication or orders to exactly the right person, instantaneously.

Variable Order Intake

Funnel multiple sources of order data into our unified system to significantly increase efficiency while reducing mistakes.

Simple Compliance

Our system is built to handle data in a compliant and secure way. Our API will help you structure your data and store it in a specific way to ensure compliance.

Full Visibility

Get full visualization of your production processes. Quickly resolve issues in your production pipeline, capture key metrics, and get real-time analysis on business performance.

Open Integration

Workflow is a highly flexible system that is meant to fit seamlessly into your production pipelines. Let us know if you have existing systems or applications you would like to integrate with.