Order Management

All your orders managed in one place, error‑free.

FactoryFour helps you consolidate your orders into one dashboard, reduce human error in processing, and achieve transparency across your supply chain.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Digitize and streamline your order processing with digital forms and integrations.

Eliminate Human Error

Order portals and integrations remove the need for manual data entry.

Increase Transparency

Update customers and other stakeholders on order status in real‑time.

Digitize order processing with dynamic, configurable forms.

Easily build digital order forms customized to your needs. Add error validation, quote products in real‑time, and automatically calculate part numbers as part of the order entry experience.

See It In Action

Receive error‑free orders directly from customers.

Customers are able to submit orders and media files directly to you through customized digital forms. They can also log into a shared portal or submit orders via plugins on your website.

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Provide status updates on orders to all stakeholders.

Give a real‑time visual of order status to team members or customers, and automate status notifications at critical points in the process.

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Consolidate your orders across all platforms.

Our rapid tech infrastructure makes it easy to consolidate all the ways you take in order data. Build seamless integrations with your CRM, E‑Commerce, and ERP solutions to manage all your orders in one place.

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Increase productive time with streamlined order management.

For Customers

Reduce turnaround time in order submission, and keep up‑to‑date on order status.

For Sales

Quickly create quotes and submit orders both in and out of the office.

For Administrators

Eliminate human error and manual re‑entry of data by digitizing the order process.

 Speed in, speed of manufacturing, and speed back to the customer is highly valued. With the digital workflow we've built with FactoryFour, we're able to cut turnaround time by 50%,  reduce human error, and give our customers a cleaner, quicker, and more organized ordering process.  ”

Mike Mohring

Chief Operating Officer
ComfortFit Labs