Asset & Inventory Tracking

Track material flows without disrupting production.

Unify material and production data on a single platform to unlock new dimensions of traceability and insight.

Track Materials Seamlessly

Create flexible item lists and bills of material that respond to unique production requirements.


Update quantity and availability of units and lots during production, not after.


Leverage asset history and consumption levels to simplify audits and inventory decisions.

Model material flows that represent reality.

Set user‑defined fields that accurately describe assets to facilitate search and traceability. Enable just‑in‑time manufacturing by configuring material consumption on operations rather than orders.

Digitize Material Info

Update inventory and capture WIP in real time without disrupting productivity.

Keep operators in a single, easy‑to‑use platform to track labor and material changes. Enable operators to report consumption when parts are picked rather than assuming everything goes according to plan.

Track Material Flows

Traceability from receiving raw materials to shipping finished goods.

Simplify audits and inform purchasing decisions with context‑rich material data. Understand when and why materials were consumed or produced at the stock, lot, or unit level.

Simplify Your Audits

Boost your predictability, productivity, and profit.

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