Production Tracking

Maximize productivity, simplify communication.

Maximize productivity, simplify communication.

Visualize production progress and react to delays on the floor in real time. Confidently implement process improvements informed by recent performance data.

Track Your Unique Processes

Create workflows that replicate your unique processes to enable lean manufacturing.


Gather production data in real time without disrupting operator efficiency.


Leverage production data for real‑time alerting and retrospective performance insights.

Configure workflows for all processes you want to improve.

Improve communication and efficiency by graphically replicating your order of operations. The dependencies mapped in each workflow empower your operators to be more focused and productive on the floor.

Digitize Your Operations

Lean manufacturing starts with reliable production data.

Kanban‑style dashboards keep operators productive while maintaining the right priorities. Easy‑to‑use interfaces let them accurately report their time without disrupting throughput.

Capture Reliable Data

Identify bottlenecks to continuously improve your process.

Use dashboards to measure common manufacturing KPIs, such as cycle time and throughput. Better target process improvements by quantifying idle time and measuring technician productivity.

Optimize Your Performance

Boost your predictability, productivity, and profit.

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