New to Google Play: FactoryFour Lightning

This all-new mobile application is built to make operator interactions lightning fast with a redesigned interface and scan actions.

The all-new, mobile-native Lightning application has just launched on theGoogle Play Store. This application is a dedicated operator interface that optimizes for lightning-fast interactions to minimize non-value-adding time on the production floor. The interface is designed for touchscreen tablets, with large buttons and text, and is purpose-built for the operator’s workflow. The task backlog is simpler and more intuitive, and the task interface is larger and customizable for each specific workstation. Oh, and last but certainly not least, scan actions are built-in to help operators move even faster!

Scan Actions

To minimize the non-value adding time of data collection, we knew that adding barcode and QR code scanning was essential for an operator interface, especially in high-velocity environments. We have redesigned our scanning flows to be more efficient and to allow a hybrid scan-and-touchscreen user flow. Compatible Zebra scanners (Link to Section below) provide users with visual and auditory feedback with specific lights and sound along with on-screen notifications to communicate scans statuses.

Default Task Actions

  • Check-In
  • Check-Out
  • Complete
  • Error
  • Quantity Logging
List of supported Zebra Scanners:
DS3608; DS8108; DS8178; DS4608; DS4308; DS2208; DS2278; DS9808; DS9908; CS4070; DS457; LS2208; LI2208; LI3608; LI3678; RFD8500
Recommended: DS2278 (See on Zebra | Find a Seller)

Sharing Devices

The Lightning application is built to be shared. Each workstation device has a controlled user list that can access the application. Users scan their badge using a handheld scanner or the device camera to sign into the application and can immediately begin performing actions. User switching is easy and user session timeouts are configurable to ensure a user does not stay signed into a workstation after walking away.

Advanced Features

Batch Actions

Using either the touch interface or scanning, operators can efficiently perform bulk actions on many tasks. This is an optional feature that can be controlled by administrators from workstation to workstation.

Custom Scan Actions

In addition to the default FactoryFour task actions, administrators can create custom scan actions using our automation features to further expedite manufacturer-specific functions like material tracking, inventory reconciliation, ERP integrations, or any other action triggered from the floor.

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