A real‑time system of record you can rely on.

FactoryFour automatically captures and records every event and data point on your production floor.

Enjoy Stress‑Free Compliance

Automatically enforce data collection and analysis across your production floor.

Identify Root Cause Quickly

Event logs help you easily spot the source of an error within your processes.

Encourage Accountability

Increased visibility into individual and team operations enhances productivity.

Automatically generate a comprehensive record of production.

Every data point and event captured by FactoryFour generates a log of what has occurred in production. This data can be viewed in real‑time to identify root cause and act upon an issue immediately, and is exportable for audits.

See It In Action

Enforce data capture at critical points in your process.

Technicians can be prompted to enter data at critical points in a production workflow via easy‑to‑configure forms. Capture lot numbers, calibration data, non‑conformances, error codes, and other key metrics.

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Instantly find any order or job with a unified search system.

Easily search for any data across your system, all through a single search bar. Filter your results by order, job, technician, customer, data point, and more.

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Integrate various types of hardware to easily capture production data.

FactoryFour is hardware‑agnostic, allowing you to track and trace using tablets, barcode scanners, RFID, and other technologies.

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With more data comes more control.

For Managers

Quickly identify and understand the root cause of issues as they arise.

For Quality Professionals

Enforce data capture of quality metrics on the floor, and ensure compliance.

For Executives

Get full control over your production operations with a powerful system of record.

 FactoryFour is the only solution that allows me to get deep visibility  on my unique processes.  I can trust the true metrics  they provide to help drive continuous improvements.  ”

Mick Arnold

Arnold Packaging