Quality Control

Quality assurance and compliance, managed seamlessly.

FactoryFour allows you to easily enforce quality compliance and data collection as orders move through production.

Catch Errors Immediately

Use automatic error validation on quality forms to catch errors during production, not after.

Achieve First Pass Yield

Technicians are guided to complete the right task in the right way, on the first time.

Improve Compliance

Seamlessly collect quality compliance data and access it for audits.

Capture quality data seamlessly during the production process.

Technicians can be prompted to enter data at critical points in a production workflow via easy‑to‑configure forms. Capture calibration data, scrap rates, non‑conformances, error codes, and other quality metrics.


Catch quality errors during production, not after.

Use automatic error validation to match quality metrics to your standard operating procedure. Set status notifications in case a quality error occurs and the data entered doesn't match your requirements.

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Automatically generate a comprehensive record of production.

Every data point and event captured by FactoryFour generates a log of what has occurred in production. This data can be viewed in real‑time to identify root cause and act upon an issue immediately, and is exportable for audits.


Make improvements and business decisions backed by data.

Create custom analytics and reports using your quality data to uncover new insights about your business, such as non‑conformance rates or the cost of quality errors.

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Drive time and cost savings with real‑time quality assurance.

For Managers

Immediately identify and address quality issues as they occur, before they progress further down the line.

For Quality Professionals

Enforce data capture of quality metrics on the floor, and ensure compliance.

For Administrators

Easily collect and consolidate quality compliance data for audits.

 FactoryFour streamlines order processing across our five brands, significantly reducing rework on our production floor and enhancing our customer experience. ”

Jason Kraus

Orthotic Holdings Inc.