Quality Assurance

Set quality controls and capture traceable data.

Digitally collect quality data without impeding throughput on the floor. Monitor and analyze your most important quality metrics.

Measure Your Performance

Tailor quality forms and controls to digitize your quality management system.


Enforce controls by automatically prompting operators for quality data during production.


Perform statistical process control and root cause analysis with reliable data.

Flexible tools for precise quality management.

Create a digital quality management system that conforms to your standard operating procedures. Set simple and complex controls to enforce quality data capture in situations that need it.

Digitize Quality Assurance

Enforce data collection without being on the floor.

Simple reminders inform operators to submit quality data such as measurements, images, and descriptions. Digital signatures and timestamps create a reliable audit log.

Enforce Quality Controls

Identify where to take corrective and preventive actions.

Use dashboards to measure common quality statistics such as first time yield, scrap rates, and critical measurement data. Detect quality issues in real time to quickly take corrective action.

Make Informed Decisions

Boost your predictability, productivity, and profit.

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