Advanced production visibility, easily deployed.

FactoryFour Production replaces spreadsheets and clipboards with a real-time production tracking and execution system that is simple to deploy and configurable to your unique processes.

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Track your unique production processes in real-time.

Customize workflows to resemble your production processes, then watch FactoryFour tell the relevant people what to do next based on your product. Our workflows are versatile, allowing you to track batch processes, gather quality assurance data, submit quotes, and review designs.

Increase Visibility
Easily Customizable

Replicate any process easily with customizable workflows.

Real-Time Updates

Get status updates in real-time across all users and devices.

Full Traceability

Every event is captured in FactoryFour for full traceability and data analysis.


Visualize the production floor with configurable dashboards.

Customize your dashboards to view orders or batches by task, work center, product type, status, technician, and more. Catch errors and bottlenecks in production as soon as they occur with real-time visibility.

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Stay ahead of the game with strong, data-driven decisions.

FactoryFour automatically gathers data such as timestamps on task completion, technician efficiency, error rates and more. Create custom analytics and reports to uncover new insights about your business, such as understanding the true cost of making your product.

Uncover Insights

Automate your tasks and processes with custom rules.

Save time by setting rules and having FactoryFour do the work for you. Automate tasks such as emailing shipment tracking numbers to customers, or assigning a manager to an order that needs attention.

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Get the full story from quote to ship.

Every data point and event captured by FactoryFour generates a log of what has occurred in production. Capture and store data specific to tasks, and easily find any order or data point with universal search.

Capture Data

Flexible integrations connect your whole business.

Want to eliminate re-entry of data and operate from one dashboard? Our API allows you to connect with several different applications, automating processes and transfer of data. Speak to our experts to understand what integrations we can do for you.

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Boost your predictability, productivity, and profit.

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