Production Visibility

Know exactly what's happening on your floor at all times.

Get real-time visibility of your production floor to enhance productivity, address bottlenecks faster, and uncover opportunities to increase efficiency.

Increase Team Productivity

Manage production flow seamlessly, automatically giving guidance to technicians on the next task to complete.

Facilitate Data‑Driven Improvements

Use deep insights gathered from your production floor to help identify areas for improvement.

Save Managerial Time

Automate tasks such as status updates to customers, and provide immediate reporting to your executive team.

Custom workflows help you track your unique processes in real‑time.

Easily configure workflows to resemble your production processes, and view progress on an order in real-time as technicians work on individual tasks.

See It In Action

Production visibility empowers you to make decisions backed by data.

FactoryFour automatically gathers data on each event that occurs during production. Create custom reports and dashboards to uncover opportunities for improvement and remove bottlenecks from your process.

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Provide status updates on all orders to all stakeholders.

Give a third‑party view of your workflow to team members or customers, and automate status notifications at critical points in the process.

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Automate your tasks and processes with custom rules.

Save time by setting rules and having FactoryFour do the work for you. Automate tasks such as emailing shipment tracking numbers to customers, or assigning a manager to an order that needs attention.

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Production visibility helps the whole team.

For Technicians

Receive guidance and feedback on each step of the workflow, enhancing productivity and increasing quality of work.

For Managers

Get real‑time visibility of the production floor to proactively improve operations and quickly address issues.

For Executives

Make data‑driven decisions from insights provided now, not at the end of the quarter.

 Gaining clear visibility into production  is the rising tide that lifts all boats. Productivity increases with accountability, and time savings increase capacity. FactoryFour introduced advanced visibility  without disrupting our day‑to‑day processes. ”

Colin Jesien

VP / General Manager
Arnold Packaging