Configure error-free orders and increase visibility across your supply chain.

FactoryFour Intake allows you to consolidate all your orders into one place, proactively reduce human error in order processing, and achieve transparency across your team, customers, and partners.

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Configure products and capture error-free orders every time.

Streamline order entry by using digital order forms customized to your needs. Add automatic error validation or integrate with other software, reducing human error and accelerating orders into production.

Streamline Order Entry

Automatically quote orders with custom logic.

Media Uploading

Integrate required media uploads into your order forms.

Part Number Calculation

Generate part numbers or SKUs based on form inputs.

Website Plugins

Embed dynamic forms into your website.

Error Validation

Create custom validation rules for any input.


Access your forms on any device, from anywhere.

Order Management

Manage all your orders from one place.

FactoryFour Intake pulls all your order data into one dashboard to give you full visibility on production status, allowing you to manage orders for each customer effectively and efficiently.

Manage Your Orders

Universal upload and storage of any media file type.

Store files such as images, videos, CAD files, or PDFs specific to each order. Team members or customers can collaborate from anywhere on media with shared viewing, annotating, and downloading. Our security is compliant with HIPAA and GDPR standards.

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External Portal

Intake orders or provide status updates to customers and partners.

Your customers, partners, sales team, or administrators can access a shared portal to submit orders directly into production, upload and collaborate on media, or view real-time status updates for orders.

Connect Your Customers

Easily integrate with various platforms to gather order data.

The FactoryFour API makes it easy to consolidate all the ways you take in order data. Integrate your CRM, E-Commerce, ERP or other platforms to manage all your orders in one place.

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Boost your predictability, productivity, and profit.

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