We automate everything that slows down your dental lab.
Start reducing lead time and eliminating errors today.

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Empower Your Team

Empower Your Managers

Provide full visibility and confidence in production, to execute on their schedule so they never miss a due date.

Accelerate Your Designers

Automate your designer's decision processes to increase productivity. They'll always know exactly what to do with each case.

Satisfy Your Dentists

Reduce “where is my case” anxiety by allowing dentists and labs to work on cases together, at their convenience, from the same document.

Want to connect your customers?

We make it dynamic.

Collaborate dynamically in real-time with your team and with your clients. Annotate in 3D, instant message, and provide a top-quality ordering experience.


Want to reduce remakes to zero?

We make it easy to automate.

Automating your workflows is often tedious and expensive. We make it easy and seamless, giving you the ability to automate as simply as "if this, then that." No code required.


Want to push out more orders?

We get everybody on the same playbook.

FactoryFour makes it easy for your team to be productive. This is the one platform where your whole team can access every order form and communicate.


Ready to take a bite out of your competition?

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Manufacturing Simplified


01. Build

Easily customize and modify workflows that replicate your exact manufacturing processes, no matter how complex.


02. Automate

FactoryFour manages your processes for you, tracking jobs and automating information transfer to help run your business.


03. Learn

Gather data at each step of the production process, in real-time, so you can double down on what’s working and fix what’s not.


Easy Automation

Automatically assign production tasks, notify customers, push data to other systems, and more.

Fully Customizable Workflows

Create workflows that replicate your manufacturing processes no matter how complex, and track in real-time.

Real-Time Visibility

Get full visualization of your production processes in real-time. Create custom dashboards to understand production the way you want.

Fast, Unified Search

Immediately search any order or job using any datapoint in your system. Full traceability helps you identify specific orders immediately.

Connects Customers

Customers will be able to submit structured, error-screened order data directly into Production.

Open Integration

Production is a highly flexible system that will enhance, not disrupt, your current process. Let us know if you have existing systems or applications you would like to integrate.